1:1 with Iva Nenadic

In this podcast Dr. Iva Nenadic (Centre for Media Pluralism & Freedom) & the media lab discuss the Media Freedom Act and ‘How To Fix’: the media privilege
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⏲️[02:06] Media Freedom Act - ‘How To Fix’: The Media Privilege
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🎙️ Dr. Iva Nenadic | Research Fellow, Centre for Media Pluralism & Freedom
🐦 https://twitter.com/ivalitre
🌐 Why the European Media Freedom Act is a Groundbreaking Step for Europe
🌐 Centre for Media Pluralism and Freedom
🌐 European Digital Media Observatory
🌐 Dr. Iva Nenadic

Dr. Iva Nenadic holds a PhD in Communication Science, and studies media pluralism in the context of content curation, ranking and moderation policies of online platforms, the democratic implications such policies may have, and related regulatory interventions. She works at the Centre for Media Pluralism and Freedom of the European University Institute, where she coordinates and supervises the implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitor in the area of Political Independence. She also takes part in the European Digital Media Observatory, where she conducts relevant research and analysis of policies designed to respond to disinformation challenges, and teaches courses in media policy, and computational propaganda at the Faculty of Political Science of the Zagreb University. Prior to her academic work, Iva worked with a number of media in Croatia as a journalist, editor, and producer.
1:1 with Iva Nenadic
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