1:1 with Lorna Woods

In this podcast Prof. Lorna Woods (University of Essex) & the media lab discuss the Media Freedom Act and ‘How To Fix’: the media privilege

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⏲️[01:06] Media Freedom Act - ‘How To Fix’: The Media Privilege
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📌About Our Guest
🎙️ Prof. Lorna Woods | Professor in Internet Law, University of Essex
🌐 EU Law Analysis: The EU Commission’s Proposal on Media Freedom Regulation
🌐 Human Rights Centre, University of Essex
🌐 Prof. Lorna Woods

Lorna Woods is a Professor of Internet Law at the University of Essex and a member of the Human Rights Centre there. She started her career in practice at a commercial solicitors’ firm before moving to academia where she has taught and conducted research in media and telecommunications regulation, at both national and EU levels. Prof. Woods regularly gives oral evidence to Parliamentary inquiries across the technology, media and telecommunications sectors both in the UK and abroad. She also published widely in these fields, and has been country expert for the UK in respect of a number of Commission funded projects. Her current research project with Carnegie UK Trust is on reducing harm arising on social media.
1:1 with Lorna Woods
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