1:1 with Oliver Money-Kyrle

In this podcast Oliver Money-Kyrle (International Press Institute) & the media lab discuss the Media Freedom Act and ‘How To Fix’: media capture

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⏲️[01:09] Media Freedom Act - ‘How To Fix’: Media Capture
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📌About Our Guest
🎙️ Oliver Money-Kyrle | Head of Europe Advocacy and Programmes, International Press Institute
🐦 https://twitter.com/ollymk
🌐 IPI position on the European Media Freedom Act
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🌐 Oliver Money-Kyrle

Oliver Money-Kyrle joined IPI, the International Press Institute, in September 2019 first as Turkey campaign coordinator and then as Head of Europe Advocacy and Programmes. He leads IPI’s advocacy around EU legislation including the Rule of Law mechanism, the safety of journalists’ recommendations, the Anti-Slapp directive and now the European Media Freedom Act. He has been specifically focused on the question of media capture, faced by IPI’s members in central and Eastern Europe. Oliver has over two decades of experience in the press freedom and media development field, having previously worked as Director of programmes at the International Federation of Journalists.
1:1 with Oliver Money-Kyrle
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