1:1 with Thomas Noppen

In this podcast Thomas Noppen (New Media Denmark) & the media lab discuss the online media perspective on media
📌Episode Highlights
⏲️[00:00] Intro
⏲️[01:28] Q1 - What does (protecting) media freedom mean to you?
⏲️[03:40] Q2 - What should the EU legislators do or do better to protect media freedom?
⏲️[06:59] Q3 - What are the pitfalls that EU legislators should avoid when trying to protect the media and its freedom?
⏲️[10:46] You have 2 minutes to deliver a message to the powers that be in the EU: make your case.
⏲️[12:05] Outro

📌About Our Guest
🎙️ Thomas Noppen | Board Member, New Media Denmark
🐦 https://twitter.com/thomasnoppen
🌐 European Media Freedom Act EIMP Position Paper: “Boost media pluralism through a level playing field online”
🌐 European Innovative Media Publishers
🌐 New Media Denmark

Thomas Noppen is a board member and previous chair of New Media Denmark. An organisation which he founded to create a unified political voice for small and medium sized digital and innovative media publications in Denmark. His journalistic experience ranges from hosting a weekend show on Danish national radio to founding and managing an online newspaper before editing a printed design magazine. At a European level, he's part of the steering committee at the European Innovative Media Publishers.

1:1 with Thomas Noppen
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